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Published Author Joyce Nowacki

Article Writing

She has authored news columns for both the Post Falls Tribune and Spokesman Review for a total of  eight years.

Freelance Writing

Joyce Nowacki, currently is a freelance writer with three books published to date.

Writing Consultant

Joyce Nowacki has taught writing classes for North Idaho College Workforce Training, Post Falls, Idaho.

The Other Side
of the Fence

A Historical Novel of Chinese Immagrants
in the 1880's of the Pacific Northwest
Story centered in Rathdrum, Idaho

The Magic of 
Ordinary Times

Childhood in the 1950s
without electronics
"The Way it Was" in the "Good Ole Days"

Mountain Secrets

Hidden on the mountain, secrets of area residents during the Prohibition years. Centered in Rathdrum, Idaho, based on some historical facts and a lot of imagination.

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The Other Side
of the Fence
The Magic of
Ordinary Times
Mountain Secrets

Reader Reviews &  Comments

Here are just a few of the many reviews we have received. 
additional comments  posted in the "Reviews" section above...
I just finished Joyce Nowacki's book. It was a good read. The part about the opium den in San Francisco and the escape sounded like a movie. Is the Chinese cemetery marked in any way now? (Yes it is, located on Hwy 53, Lions Club next to Pinegrove Cemetery, Rathdrum, Idaho.)
Your writing was so descriptive I felt as though I was there through the whole book, even smelled the smells. It left me with a new awareness of that place and time of history. Have you any intentions to write more books like a sequel? (Yes, work is in progress but will likely take a long time to completion.)
– Rockie
I bought both books and the author signed them both. Over all I would recommend to any age group and all family and friends that read for both books. thank you again, Joyce Nowacki. You have a skill many of us enjoy your works , keep it up. 
– Lynn Aus
I really can't wait to read your next book and see what you come up with in that imaginative mind of yours!!! Your stories are so fun and full of life and living! I love the way you write and how you have a gift of putting your words into the perspective of the time, people and place!
– Janet S.